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Design Phase

Denver, Colorado

1. Visualize

The visualization phase is the brainstorming process. Meetings are scheduled with the client to obtain their needs and goals of the website. What are the client's expectations and needs? What challenges will arise and how will they be handled?

In order to create and develop a successful website, questions such as these need to be answered in the beginning development stages.

2. Approach

Once all information has been gathered from the client, the blueprints, which are also known as a flowchart, is created for the site.

Thoughts and ideas are shaped into achievable concepts, and then presentations are then shown to the client for input.

3. Design

The look and feel of the project is created within this phase.

Many comprehensives are developed for the website and the client selects one in which they would like to move forward with.

4. Creation

All of the work completed in the previous phases is combined. The backend development corresponds with the flowchart, animations are fine tuned, and final details are completed.

When the site is completed, it is run through a series of test to ensure that the site functions correctly for all operating systems and browsers. When the client is satisfied with the end product and the last changes are made, the site is posted live.

5. Maintenance

After a website has been posted live, maintenance is required to keep the site updated, looking fresh, holds positioning with search engines, and meets the needs and requirements of the client.

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